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To the Terrace Tutorial

I uploaded a fraction of the total works I've created during the pandemic, as art has been my one true vice and coping mechanism, and I've created something nearly every single day since COVID-19 hit the US.

Each piece has varying themes, stories, mediums, and purposes, but are united by three things that earmark my experience through the pandemic (1) my desire for escapism (2) the collective societal angst and feeling of obligation to capture the times and (3) the desire to spread joy and give back in small ways.

To the Terrace Tutorial (video): Though no one was asking for this or needed this, I recognized that I found profound freedom and joy through the process of painting, and I wanted to share that joy with others. I created mini painting tutorials like this one, walking people step by step through my process for either their entertainment, inspiration, guidance, or even just for a momentary distraction from these trying times.